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This year Fence and Deck Depot added a new outstanding product line.

The composite stair repair and replacement called SureSteps.

With the rain during the winter last year, concrete is breaking down.Salt and ice are a killer for concrete step. Get rid of that problem with SureSteps. Another concrete stair is just wasting your money, would look the same, and not last.  Don’t replace it with the same product, and problem. UPGRADE with the SureSteps replacement system!




 Condominium Step remodeled and upgraded, without removing the old concrete. Now has the non-slip surface they were looking floor.  P1040956  20141222_155235
  Residential step makeover, installed in 2 hours.  20140807_135553  P1050011
 Residential Step with railing  Front RH view  P1050003
 Suresteps might be the last step you ever have to replace in your lifetime. It is water-proof, salt-proof, slip-resistant, and best of all STYLISH.Click here:  3 curved profile

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3 Responses


How long did it take to install the 3 step? Gray color.


It took about 2 hours to build the step mockup. The step took about 5 weeks at the factory to be built.
The existing step was not level. So, we made some shim adjustment in the new step to accommodate.
After that, the crew went on-site and installed it in about 2 hours. Railing was about 1 hour.


The “SURESTEP” product is an excellent application being marketed to cover older steps.The various high performance qualities make it an excellent choice for both New Construction or Renovations in Residential and Commercial.

It displays the most important aspect which is Exterior Presentation inan ascetically pleasing way …and as any Realtor knows Exterior Presentation is “KEY” in marketing properties successfully.

I whole-heartedly endorse this product and see it as an extremely Value Adding application to any project.

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