Builders Tips Video Collection

These Videos have been provided to help understand the scope of outdoor living projects. Whether you decide to DO IT YOURSELF, or ask us to build your deck, a knowledge of building will help you better understand what is POSSIBLE, and get the result and look you want. Fence and Deck Depot is not affiliated with Lowes, in any form. However, we think you will find the content of the videos useful.

Feel Free to ask us, about anything you see here.

Building a Deck Part 1 – Planning

 Building a Deck Part 2 – Laying out the Deck

 YouTube Preview Image  YouTube Preview Image

 Building a Deck Part 3 – Setting the Posts

 Building a Deck Part 4 – Framing and Decking

 YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

 Building a Deck Part 5 – Building Deck Stairs

 Building a Deck Part 6 – Installing Deck Railings, Balusters, Lattice and Skirting

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
 YouTube Preview Image