SureStep Composite Steps Systems

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Salt eating away the front step, or is it just breaking?


Don’t replace!

Don’t even recycle!

RE-USE IT!              Amazing!

We’ve had customers tell us that they prefer the SureStep over buying any concrete step. Replacing a concrete step with another concrete precast typically causes significant damage to your house, siding, bricks, trim,  and even landscaping and yard. In contrast, SureStep could save you from thousands of dollars, in unnecessary damage.

SmarTreads and SureSteps are a heavy-duty fibreglass stair tread cover that provides a long-lasting surface.   Available in a wide range of configurations and colours, we custom manufacture SureSteps that can be easily installed over existing stairs. It is one of the most creative step and deck products ever developed. It uses what’s left of your step as a base, and the step is covered and is now new. It is a durable and smart alternative to the costly replacement of stairs, whether they be wood or concrete construction.  We have had customers report that they are still happy with their SmarTreads even after 30 years of service.


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