Wheel Floats

Techstar’s Wheel Float (patent pending) enables you to remove your dock effortlessly. Just roll it right out of the water on to the shore!

Wheel Float

Features and Benefits


  • Both 23″ wheel and float are filled with closed cell expanded polystyrene.
  • 750 Pound wheel load capacity
  • Heavy duty 1 7/8” aluminum axle
  • Wheel is built right into the float giving it 575 lb flotation
  • Easy to assemble – 6 mounting holes
  • Compatible with both wood and aluminum docks
  • Float Dimensions 24” x 48” x 18” c/w wheel overall 24” x 48” x 28”
  • Shipping weight 72 lbs

Prolong the life of your dock against ice jams and winter damage. This innovative design is perfect for dock builders that offer spring launching and fall removal services.

Model Number Wheel Diameter / Load Capacity Outside Dimensions (incl. wheel) Flotation (pounds) Average Wall Thickness Shipping Weight Per Skid
WF-18 23 / 750 24″ x 48″ x 28″ 575 .187 72 8