Armor Latch

 Use the innovative ArmorLatch™ to improve the security and aesthetics of almost any gate. This latch is designed to fit square profiles from 1-1/2″ to 5″ thick and can be used on ornamental aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl gates. It is constructed from glass-filled nylon, providing a strong, long lasting, and secure solution for both single and double gate applications. The latch can be locked and un-locked from either side and is operated by turning the handles, just like at home. The ArmorLatch™ can be re-keyed by a locksmith to use existing keys, adding the simplified convenience of not having to fumble for a separate key. The available trim options provide matching finishes to compliment existing fence and gates, while improving security by covering the exposed fasteners. If custom painting is necessary, consider purchasing the mill finish option and paint to suit the projects needs. Latch and optional trim sold separately.