How to order vinyl

Here are some guidelines you can use to help you determine which fence is right for you.

1. Select the style you like best*

 privacy1  Starting at:$32.00 per lin. Ft.

  • 1.75×8 Deco rail
  • 96” post
  • Gothic cap
 privacy2 Starting at:$30.00 per lin. Ft.

  • 2×6 Deco rail
  • 96” post
  • New England cap
 FDD 6 foot  privacy Starting at:$29.00 per lin. Ft.

  • 1.5×5.5 rail
  • 96” post
  • Pyramid cap
  • Metal reinforced rail, helps keep the rails straight.
  • Click on picture for a closer look.

 ranch rail Starting as low as:$7.50 per lin. Ft.

  • 3 Rail Configuration
  • 1.5×5.5 rail
  • 78” post
  • Pyramid cap
  • Kit intended for Post-Hole type installation


 A variety of colors (gray available spring 2015)


Common Post Caps




gothic cap



2. Measure your property.

Pace out each side of the area you would like fenced. Write down the number of paces needed for each side. Multiple the pace times 3 feet per pace, for a person of height between 5’6″ and 6′ tall. Indicate where you would like gates.

3. Send us your drawing and give us a call. We will provide you a free estimate.

4. Or, just give us a call, and we can come out to do a measure-up on-site.

We will be delighted to prescribe a fence that meets your criteria.