Installing Vinyl Fence

There are two main techniques used to install Vinyl Fence. It can be done by a handy DIY homeowner, but it will take some patience and care.

 Method ONE – Concrete and/or Crushed Gravel  Method TWO – Pounding Steel Pipe Posts
Equipment required.

  1. Wheel barrow
  2. Concrete post mix
  3. shovels
  4. water
  5. miter saw
  6. striing line
  7. and other general yard tools.
  8. Protective equipment, as required.
 Equipment required.

  1. Post Vibrator
  2. 150 CFM air compressor
  3. leveling device
  4. String line
  5. miter saw
  6. drill/driver
  7. Protective equipment, as required.
 The posts must first be set, in a straight line. First set the posts on each end, from the start to the corner. The posts should be set LEVEL UPRIGHT, and the correct distance from the ground.  Those will form your reference. Run the string line. Then dig and set the posts between, at precisely 8′ spacing, and level upright. Good posts setting is essential for a good looking job. Involves pounding or vibrating steel pipe posts into the ground, then using alignment collars to fine tune the adjustment of the vinyl fence post onto the steel. The vibrator and air compressor can be rented at a number of rental shops around town.
 Have a look at this video is see how it can be done.YouTube Preview Image We do not recommend this method in Alberta. The ground in not conducive to holding the fence secure.
 Or have one of our affiliated professionals look after it.  Or have one of our affiliated professionals look after it.