Solar Gates


 Polaris 700 Solar Opener Kit (Click for detail)polaris 700  solar gate
 How are Polaris automatic gate operators powered?
All low voltage (DC) Polaris automatic gate operators are operated by a 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour battery which also provides battery backup during a power outage. 
 Can I install more than one battery into the control box?
Yes, the Polaris 500 and 700 series operators are prewired for the optional second battery. This is especially important for solar applications for increased backup power supply. 
 How are Polaris batteries charged?
Each of Polaris (DC powered) Automatic Gate Openers comes with a transformer that plugs into any 110/120 electrical outlet and provides a trickle charge to the battery. The transformer is connected to the control box with up to 150 ft. of recommended 16 gauge, multi-stranded, dual conductor, direct burial, low voltage wire (not provided). If there is not a standard outlet within 150 ft. of the control box, the battery charge can be maintained with optional solar panel(s). If an outlet is located outside, the transformer can be placed inside a weatherproof electrical box and connected to the control box with recommended low voltage wire. 
 How many times will the Polaris automatic gate operator activate during a power outage?
On the average, a fully charged 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour battery will provide fifteen (15) cycles during a power outage. The number of cycles may vary depending on factors such as the type and size of gate, number of added accessories, and weather conditions. 
 Using Solar Power
 How practical solar power is for your gate opener needs to be examined on a case-by case-basis. Factors to consider are: location of gate, type of gate, frequency of use, and how far the gate opener is from a power source etc. Therefore, if you are within a 150 ft of a power outlet, we recommend using the transformer that is included with your Polaris gate opener. This will provide you with the most consistent charge than you would get from solar charging power. After all options are considered and it is determined that solar charging is your best option.— See charts below for the recommended number of solar panels based on your model, climate zone, and frequency of use. The table and map below illustrate the maximum number of gate cycles to expect per day in a particular area when using solar charging panels with all Polaris gate operators. 
 About Solar Panels:
Solar battery chargers are for use with Polaris low voltage automatic gate operator systems. The Polaris solar panel kit comes with tubular steel support, mounting clips, wire connectors, and 8 ft. of low voltage wire. Installation in some regions of the world will require multiple panels for adequate charging power. All DC control boards are pre-wired for the solar panel.Limits: Up to 30 Watts of solar charging power for Polaris models 500/502, 700/702. Installing an optional second battery is recommended for best performance of your gate opener.